Keeping It On-Brand: Design 2023 Platinum & Gold Winning Works

Branding is a big factor when it comes to selling goods or services; it has to tie together everything the brand is about together with an attractive appearance. This week, two winning entries from our 2023 Design Awards highlight some distinct styles of branding for different products and services, and how a good brand design is important for both showing off a product and reaching its ideal audience.

If there’s one design firm that should be familiar to Graphis design competition fans, it should be the ever-fun and vibrant Stranger & Stranger. This platinum-winning packaging design for the Belgium distillery “Dada Chapel” (above) shows off the wonderfully weird spirit behind their… well, spirits. With a tagline like “In Odd We Trust,” the branding had to stay true to those core ideals, and Stranger & Stranger succeeded in its eccentric designs. Pastel-colored labels and surrealist yet traditionally stylized illustrations of the alcohol’s core ingredient perfectly capture the brand’s whimsical vibe, while the sleek, clear glass bottles unify the brand under a common notion of dreamlike elegance.

Design firm Mermaid, Inc. took us out on the water with the Gold-winning “The Corsair Branding,” created for the Corsair boutique condominium building located on Greenwich Harbor. In-house designer Sharon Lloyd McLaughlin was tasked with creating a timeless brand that connects today’s modern amenities with the ultra-luxury craftsmanship of its namesake flagship yacht, once owned by J.P. Morgan himself. These limited-edition residences were built with attention to detail, and with natural materials that could be passed down and cherished by future generations. With this in mind, McLaughlin created the Corsair Crest, combining modern and historical elements with a nautical twist. As part of the brand story, she also showcased storied artifacts and images connected to the boat and Morgan, depicting a luxurious waterfront lifestyle for those lucky enough to live there. All of this together creates a deluxe brand with a deep history.

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Author: Graphis