SeaBubbles’ Hydrofoils Glide Towards Sustainable Waterways

Written by Maxim Sorokopud for Graphis Journal, issue #380

For SeaBubbles, the creators of the Bubble and Smart Bubble hydrofoils, design extends to far more than just the savvy execution of dimensions. The concept behind the company can be inferred just from examining their hydrofoils for a short span of time. This is no organization that focuses on hastily slapped-together contraptions. Instead, it provides a vision of how transportation can be pioneered in bold new ways. And it may be a stretch to claim that SeaBubbles’s commitment to zero emissions and sustainability is communicated in the very appearance of its vehicles. But is it at all surprising to learn this fact? Of course not! Instead, these commitments are almost expressed subliminally in the contours of the crafts.

In motion, the SeaBubbles hydrofoils only become more engaging to view. First, their butterfly DeLorean-style doors rise up to allow passengers inside. Then, as they accelerate, they rise over the water several feet and glide swiftly onward. Those onboard have reported a feeling of weightlessness as they skim ahead.

Every inch of the Bubble and Smart Bubble appears to be an essential part of its function. It’s, therefore, shocking to learn that the smaller vehicle, the Bubble, comes in two different versions. An “open-air” convertible model is technically very similar to the hard top Bubble, but it gives the vehicle an entirely different feel. Yes, it’s still futuristic, but it appears to be more of a modernized sports car on water than a spaceship.

The stark difference of seeing a hard top bubble and a convertible bubble together highlights the similarities between the hard top Bubble and the Smart Bubble. The differences between the two vehicles are mostly practical rather than aesthetic. Some slightly noticeable differences, such as the Bubble’s nifty headlights (which are missing on the Smart Bubble), seem slight. It’s easy to see that the Bubble and the Smart Bubble are merely variations of the same concept. Essentially, the Smart Bubble is a larger iteration of the Bubble, fitting a maximum of 12 passengers compared to just five passengers.

With all of these credentials, the only criticism that can be made of the Bubble is that it doesn’t quite meet all of our childhood visions, at least not yet. Because imagination invariably leads us to absurd new expectations. With the Bubble, it’s the desire to pilot it under the waves for recces of the ocean floor. But who knows, perhaps future iterations will indeed do this. Certainly, some imaginative children, and children at heart, are looking at the Bubble and being inspired to design just that.

Seabubbles is pioneering a whole new form of water mobility. The Bubble and Smart Bubble hydrofoils prove that the company is realizing its motto of producing crafts that produce “zero wave, zero noise, zero emissions.” We dream of a future where coastal cities breathe and thrive thanks to gentle, green, and innovative mobility. We aim to transform urban marine transport into a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution, improving the quality of life in metropolises worldwide. The same metropolises that were built on the water’s edge.

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Author: Graphis