Catch the Next Wave: Electric Surfboards by Awake

From a design perspective, Awake’s RÄVIK electric surfboards are more than watercraft; they are a seamless fusion of form and function. Awake set out to create not just the best electric surfboards but the most aesthetic and sustainable ones, too. With the RÄVIK 3 for beginners and the RÄVIK S for experts, Awake’s design not only enhances performance, it also elevates the entire surfing experience. These boards are a work of art on water, embodying sleekness, precision, and the promise of an exhilarating ride.

Awake considers its electric surfboards and eFoils to be “synonymous with performance, electrotechnology, power, and precision.” Both variants of the company’s e-surfboard reflect this, from the ease of the RÄVIK 3 to the agility of the RÄVIK S. All in all, they, quite literally, keep riders of all skill levels on their toes by supercharging the surfing experience.

Surfing has always been an exciting sport. Seeing a surfer ride gigantic waves stirs the inner adrenaline junkie in all of us. Philip Werner, the founder of Awake, has managed to make surfing both more extreme and accessible with his e-surfboards.

The beginner’s RÄVIK 3 and the expert’s RÄVIK S look almost identical to the untrained eye. Both have the overall appearance of a surfboard that has been compacted to reflect the digital age. But on closer inspection, the RÄVIK 3 is wider and deeper than the RÄVIK S, and its hull is smoother, ensuring that new users can master maneuvering with less risk of a wipeout.

Essentially, Awake has combined the experience of traditional surfing with that of riding a jet ski, or to put it another way, the boards make surfing much more exciting, even in calmer conditions. Thanks to the RÄVIK 3 and RÄVIK S, a lack of waves is no reason to remain ashore. Instead, surfers can zip through the water at a speed of up to 36 mph, watching the world fly by as they do so.

While there are other electric surfboard options, Awake surfboards have several advantages. For instance, the company claims that no other electric board can be set up faster than an RÄVIK. All it takes is one click, and the battery and board are connected. Awake also boasts of its batteries being “the safest on the market.” The technology within RÄVIK surfboards has also prioritized safety. For example, the boards deactivate whenever a rider falls off and warns them when it’s time to return to shore.

All in all, surfboards have truly awoken to a new era of excellence thanks to the RÄVIKs!

In 2017, Philip Werner founded Awake intending to create the best and most desirable sustainable jet surf products. Today, the company has a mission to fast-forward the future of electric water sports. It currently offers e-surfboards and eFoils, with both types of products coming in two variants, one for learners and one for advanced users. Overall, Awake’s offerings provide an unparalleled user experience on the waves.

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