Hornall Anderson: MSG Presentation Center

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Design Annual 2011 | Madison Square Garden Presentation Center Interactive Experience
Agency: Hornall Anderson

Graphis Design Annual 2011

In 2011, Hornall Anderson submitted a design entry featuring their work with the Madison Square Garden Presentation Center. The submission was selected as a platinum winner and published in the Graphis Design Annual. The new presentation center is designed to draw in prospective suite owners with impressive wide screen displays from Christie M Series projectors.

“More than the typical vision of a sales center, the new Madison Square Garden Presentation Center is a particularly hardworking, immersive guest experience, rooted in emotional connections with a pay off in operational affordance,” said Jamie Monberg, Interactive Director for Hornall Anderson. “Through a blend of physical and digital experiential design, we created a variety of simulated views of the arena from different vantage points, easily navigating through the re-imagined Garden in an exciting, visceral way.”

More Information on Hornall Anderson and their body of work can be found here.
Their new publication “Happy Accidents” will also be available soon in the Graphis store.

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