Graphis Master: Peter Kraemer Continues to Render Us Speechless

Graphis Master Peter Kraemer creates intriguing renderings of everyday objects and their inner mechanisms.

The work of Peter Kraemer leaves viewers in awe as their eyes scan perfectly rendered details of objects big and small. As in his rendering of a circuit board (ABOVE), Kraemer adds a layer of artistry on everything he represents visually. His circuit board image is also on the cover of Graphis Journal issue #357, where his work was featured and in which he offered in an insightful Q&A. In it, he reflects on his education at the Folkwangschule (University of Essen) and that working with 3D applications is a never-ending challenge.
Though looking at his work, it is hard to imagine a challenge for him at all. Kraemer’s rendering of a tire valve (ABOVE) is another example of fine detailing and precision. In fact, he told us that, “At first glance my work looks realistic, and frequently I have to deal with the fact that a client expects photorealistic work from me. I always try to clear this misunderstanding before I take an assignment.” While his work is an artful representation of the real thing, this “misunderstanding” is surely a complement that speaks to the precision and care he puts into each of his pieces.

For more on Peter Kraemer, check out his feature in Graphis Journal issue #357. Click here to purchase.

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