Graphis Master Craig Frazier: People You Probably Know

Graphis Master Craig Frazier illustrated the artwork above and below as part of his personal series, “A WEEKLY COTERIE OF PEOPLE YOU PROBABLY KNOW.”

Frazier is an illustrating designer who has enjoyed a distinguished career since 1978. He opened his doors as Frazier Design in 1980 and built a practice designing corporate communication, annual reports, and advertising. In 1996, he scaled down the design side of his practice to concentrate on illustration (and a few special design projects). Within two years he had developed one of the most distinct and recognized illustration styles in the country. Wit, irony, and simplicity have become the currency of the Frazier style.
Frazier posts new people from his series on a weekly basis, so be sure to check out his website and subscribe to see his latest each week. Click here to visit his Master Portfolio, and click here to see more Graphis Masters.
Author: Graphis