The Sinus Flex Glider by Pipistrel Featured in Graphis Journal #377

Pipistrel’s Sinus Flex motor glider offers an enviable four flying experiences in one. Its foundation is Pipistrel’s award-winning Sinus glider, which can glide without using fuel, speed along on a super-efficient high-powered motor, or cruise long ranges with equal fuel efficiency. The Flex takes this adaptability to new heights.

Thanks to its dual flight controls and a choice of either tailwheel or nosewheel undercarriage, the classic Sinus can be used as both a primary glider and a powered aircraft trainer. Its excellent performance was confirmed with a World Champion title in 2001 and a record-breaking solo flight around the world in 2004. Adding additional fuel tanks allows for its efficient long-distance cruising feature.

The Flex, however, adds a fourth function by making the wingtips interchangeable. The outer five-foot portions of each wing can be switched out with the short winglets of a Pipistrel Virus, meaning if you couldn’t choose between the Sinus or the Virus, now you can have both. Changing the wingtips is easy, and it only takes five minutes.

And the Sinus, in all configurations, is a friend of the environment. Given its super-low fuel consumption of fewer than 2.6 gallons per hour at a high cruise speed of 110 knots, you can easily fly over 540 miles on just the standard 16-gallon fuel tank. With the optional long-range 26-gallon fuel tanks, your range with reserve goes beyond 890 miles.

The Sinus also offers unbeatable safety, with its proprietary Safety Cockpit Concept. The entire cabin area is encased with energy-absorbing structures made of Kevlar, a superstrong material that allows the cabin to keep its shape even upon strong impact. The Sinus can also be equipped with a parachute rescue system, saving both the aircraft and the crew in case of severe emergencies.

Starting at about $115k and ranging up to around $140k, the Pipistrel Sinus Flex is available from aircraft dealers worldwide and also on the private seller market.

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Author: Graphis