Graphis at 80 Exhibition

Celebrate eight decades of unparalleled creativity with the “Graphis at 80” exhibition, a journey from Graphis’ inception in 1944 to the present. This retrospective showcases the evolution of Design, Advertising, Photography, and Illustration Art through Graphis’ lens, highlighting its role in shaping visual culture. Discover a curated selection of iconic publications, award-winning works, and profiles of influential figures who have contributed to the design and visual arts fields.

Exhibition Highlights:

  • Historical Milestones: Explore key moments in Graphis’ rich history and its impact on art and design.
  • Iconic Publications: View contents of the Graphis magazines and books documenting significant creative works from 1944 to present.
  • Award-winning Works/Cultural Influence: Celebrate the creativity and innovation recognized by Graphis across decades.
  • Influential Figures: Learn about the pioneers and contemporary masters featured in Graphis.

“Graphis at 80” is an homage to the enduring power of creativity and a testament to Graphis’ legacy as a cornerstone of creative achievement. Tthis exhibition offers a compelling look into the artistry and innovation that have defined Graphis for eighty years. Join us in celebrating this milestone and exploring the future of design and visual arts.

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