Go For the Gold: Winners From Posters 2022 Awards Annual

If you find yourself thinking about these posters non-stop, you’re not crazy! We can’t shake them either! Made to inspire the heart and soul, these 2022 Poster Annual winners have certainly earned their awards.

With a poster design that makes you do a double-take, the “Women Texas Film Festival 2020” (above, left) by Scott Ray of Peterson Ray & Company was undoubtedly a huge success at the Women Texas Film Festival. Ray’s clients wanted a captivating image that would catch the eye of anyone who passed it, and Peterson Ray & Company delivered with a poster that was displayed at the location for weeks leading up to the event as a way to advertise.

Ray’s aim in making this poster was to give the Women Texas Film Festival exposure as the one and only “State of Texas” women’s film festival. This was also the festival’s first year commissioning a poster design, so Peterson Ray & Company wanted to produce an image that contrasted the “messy” posters they’d had in the past and showed how the festival was a growing professional event and was gaining more success every year. Many festival guests commented that the design was so much better than it had been in past years, and was a big selling point for their return. With attendance numbers way up, the clients expressed how happy they were with the design.

This next poster, “Bauhaus 100” (above, right), was designed by Byoung il Sun of Namseoul University in South Korea. The design was created for the Golden Bee14 competition in Moscow to celebrate the spirit of Bauhaus on its 100th anniversary. For those unfamiliar with the term, Bauhaus is a form of architectural design that is focused on abstract, geometrical shapes, simplification, and modernity, and the style has influenced the world and become a staple of design history. Sun’s design attempted to celebrate the ways in which Bauhaus was able to stay relevant after all this time by emphasizing the expressionism, harmony, and structuralism that Bauhaus is all about. This poster design was a great accomplishment, and it leaves us all with this simple yet perfect message: we remember Bauhaus on its 100th anniversary, and it is our hope that this influential form of design continues to be celebrated even on its 1,000th anniversary.

With a more abstract design, Sha Feng’s “Space for 5G” (above, left) was created for Toyama’s Prefectural Museum of Art and Design. Feng, of So Feng Design in China, wanted to create an image that expressed 5G as a parallel space filled with circles of different sizes that work together to form a new parallel space. This work transmits various messages, which fit in very well with the world of 5G.

Finally, the “SVA/MFA Illustration Exhibition”(above, right) designed by Viktor Koen of Attic Child Press in the US was made for the titular exhibition of the School of Visual Arts’ MFA Illustration Department. This image was based on the short story “Chuck’s Bucket” by award-winning author Chris Offutt, and the design, an upside-down typewriter with ink dripping out, was the perfect way to encapsulate Offutt’s bizarre story — the tale of a severe case of writer’s block leading to extreme scientific methods of overcoming it. This poster was very well received, and was just the right way to celebrate the School of Visual Arts MFA Illustration Department!

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