Cool It & Space It: Latest New Talent 2022 Entries

At the heart of today’s New Talent 2022 entries is the basic principle on how to design for everyday utilities. Whether it’s for advertising or remodeling, important core principles on how to best sell a brand guide both submissions. 

In “Keep it Fresh Anywhere” (above), School of Visual Arts students Zao Lei and Lingling Xie have designed an ad series for YETI coolers and refrigerators. Under the guidance of professors Ben Bliss, Abe Chuang, and Debbie Pan, the duo were able to seamlessly photoshop YETI products into exotic backdrops to sell the idea that no matter where you are, YETI’s portability is guaranteed to keep your food fresh. The end result is a successful ad series that reminds viewers that you can keep your food fresh anywhere, from Miami all the way to Chamonix. 

On the other hand, Pennsylvania State University student Shatakshi Mehra opts for a more physical approach by engineering an app, as well as metro designs, to promote COVID-19 protocols in “Delhi Metro Redesign” (above). With the help of professor Ryan Russell, Mehra’s vision for the app’s interface and the train station’s new look were able to come to life. The end result is a captivating collection of work that encourages social distancing through “a digital and print solution”. 

Mehra further explains that the app shows the volume of passengers at the metro in real time to allow for proper planning and “necessary travel decisions” while the print aspect focuses on a “series of posters and stickers [to enforce] social distancing, wearing of masks, and hand sanitization.” As the pandemic continues to play a role in our day to day lives, Mehra’s app and print series are necessary creations in hopefully advancing us to a post-covid world. 

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