Floss-Free Flossing + Drink for the Gods: New Talent 2022 Winners

Fresh talent always brings amazing fresh ideas to the table, and last year’s New Talent competition was no exception. 

Waterpik is the latest and greatest in home dental care technology. Essentially, this water flosser accomplishes everything your traditional dental floss would, but with more power, less hassle, and added environmental sustainability benefits by incorporating advanced, pulse-modulation technology to flush out everything that’s hidden between your teeth. Victoria Lin, an advertising student at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School, takes a playful, hyperbolic approach toward highlighting everything Waterpik has to offer in “Flushed Away” (above), a series of three print advertisements. Each ad depicts the flosser in use, spraying between two teeth. Rather than flushing away food scraps, however, the Waterpik ejects a fish, pig, and even an entire cow. Lin’s tongue-in-cheek sense of humor delights in the metaphor, earning a Platinum award and providing a promising preview of Lin’s future advertising career.

Concordia University – St. Paul student Henry Husbands, on the other hand, explored the full creative potential of 3D modeling technology to visualize the packaging for an energy drink fit for the gods. Inspired by ancient Greek mythology, Husbands set out to make a package with a “wow” factor, incorporating Greek imagery and a logotype reminiscent of liquid gold. Husbands titled the drink “Ambrosia” (above) after the drink of the gods in Greek mythology and created the full mockup using Blender 3D, envisioning the product’s every detail from color and texture to size in complete digital dimensionality. With an overall type-centered design accented with smaller, decorative elements to bring everything together, the end result presents a dynamic, almost enchanting feel, so you can almost taste the drink just by looking at its hypothetical packaging. 

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Author: Graphis