Rainbow Dancers + Gray Tone Traffic: Photographer 2022 Winners

Capturing motion in a photograph can take a static image and make it exciting and dynamic while revealing a different perspective on moments in life that we may not be able to see with our eyes alone. 

Howard Schatz is an award-winning American photographer and Graphis Master residing in New York City. Fascinated by the human form, Schatz’s work span portraits and studies of models, actors, athletes, and especially dancers. In his gold-winning entry “Dance: Study-1392 Elina Miettinen Collage” (above), Schatz continues his studies which features the renowned Finnish ballerina in continuous movements under a rainbow of neon lights. With each section of the collage capturing Miettienen in a different pose in a palette of greens, blues, pinks, and oranges, Schatz layered her photo on top of another frame with her in a different position to create the idea of continuous motion. Together, the images create a bright and electric collection, reminiscent of an 80s music video. 

Movement also takes center stage in the silver-winning photograph “Traffic” by Clarence Lin, a photographer and artist whose work has won awards in various competitions around the world and is a member of the One Club for Creativity, an international nonprofit organization seeking to inspire, encourage, and develop creative excellence. Drawn to city streets and landscapes, Lin enjoys documenting different areas in their natural states, letting the setting tell the story. In a black and white photograph, Lin captures a highway in the middle of a city as cars speed past, creating bright streaks of light that wisp through the streets as if in nonstop motion. 

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Author: Graphis