Finding Happiness in Design: Hajime Tsushima Featured in Journal 370

If you’re looking for a designer who finds nothing but happiness in what they do, look no further than Hajime Tsushima. Featured in Graphis Journal #370, this Japanese graphic designer founded his own design firm, Tsushima Design, in 1995. Not only that, but he also teaches graphic design as an associate professor at Osaka University of Arts. Over his career, he has won many design awards such as the A’Design Award, the HKDA International Design Award, and the Indigo Design Award, and has served on the jury for the China International Poster Biennale and the Poster Stellars Intercontinental Poster Competition.

Above all else, Tsushima believes that the power of his design is the most important thing to make customers and various people happy. To accomplish this, he does his best work in every project he takes on, as well as focusing on what his clients want. No matter the work, each piece is both delicate and intricate thanks to his attention to detail, like in his work “Studio Zen Wallcoverings” for the client of the same name (above, right). About the assignment, Tsushima said, “It is the PR poster of the showroom of the wallcoverings opening in New York.” About his approach, he added, “I had the visual which let you image Japan right out to appeal to you for a product made in Japan. The woman wears a white silk dress. This kimono is a kimono to wear at a wedding ceremony now in Japan. Innocence was handled as a holy color from the old days. A red sun umbrella and the setting are the wallcoverings, which is their product behind the woman in a white silk dress.” Not only was the client was very pleased with the visual, but Tsushima earned a Gold award from Graphis’s 2016 Photography Annual competition.

The next piece is the poster “LIGHT & SHADOW” and was created for the Japan Graphic Designers Association of Hiroshima (above, left). Tsushima describes this work as a peace poster for the Peace Poster Exhibition that’s held annually in the city. To Tsushima, “This poster expresses various lights and shadows. There are many stars in the large universe spreading in the night sky. The source of energy that makes a star shine is a fusion reaction occurring in the center of the star. When the star runs out of this fuel, the star can no longer continue to shine and will “die”. In short, light means the birth and death of life, and where there is light, there is a shadow; I expressed the light and shadow in black and white.” As a result, Tsushima said he thinks that this poster has conveyed a message of peace to many people. This piece was submitted to Graphis’s Design Annual 2022; let’s hope it earns a great award!

Tsushima’s last featured piece, “Hope of Earth“, was created for the Emirates International Poster Festival (above, right) and earned a Gold award in Graphis’s Poster 2022 competition. For his approach, Tsushima said that he made this poster with the theme of hope. “Countless lives and deaths have been repeated since the birth of the earth. I learned the hearts of people who seek peace from the mistakes of the past due to war. I hope our future is hopeful.” Tsushima added that he hopes this poster will make people who visit the exhibition feel something.

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