Fashion Branding & Artistry of Guitars: Design 2022 Winners & Design 2023 Entries

Fashion and music are two things in life people have many opinions on, but the general consensus is that it’s good. These two design entries from past and present competitions are just that, being both taste and fun!

Gaieté is a Vietnamese fashion brand that dedicates itself to maximum floral details and meticulous stitching work to create high-quality garments for those who love the natural world. The company, which sells their merchandise primarily through e-commerce, wanted to make sure their delivery branding and packaging were as beautiful as their clothes, and thus turned to M — N Associates to design the boxes and the packaging material. The end result for “Gaieté” (above) is a wonderful mystery box with fine details in a market crowded with brown boxes.​​​​​​​

Using Gaieté’s love of nature as a base, the designers developed a branding series with a floral illustration theme filled with spontaneity and feminism. The happy yellow boxes are eye-catching, and the delicate, plant-like typography is refined and tasteful, making the line look expensive despite being quite affordable. Pastel-colored business cards, envelopes with flower stickers, and die cut box inserts all add polish to the company’s brand; they’ve even made clear floral acrylic phone cases and stylized price tags. Together, it creates a feeling of playfulness, enthusiasm, and individuality across all brand mediums, and serves to delight the buyers when they see that brightly colored box in the mail. M — N Associates’ work won Gold in our 2022 Design Competition, and has since developed into digital brand case study for new shopping experiences in Vietnam.

For those who like to rock, here’s the book for you. “Immortal Axes” (above), designed by Nick Steinhardt of 23n and written and created by Lisa S. Johnson, is a follow-up to Johnson’s first title, 108 Rock Star Guitars, that won Silver in 2013. What makes this book unique and stand out from other guitar books is the presentation of the instrument as art itself, celebrating the craftsmanship while also showcasing the wear and tear details of the guitar that personify the artist without him or her being in the photo. To do this was a process of contacting artists, photo sessions, editing, and post production, not to mention lots of research and writing. The text showcases information about the guitars along with stories about the artists and personal anecdotes of photographer Johnson’s experience photographing them. With a foreword by Peter Frampton and afterword by Suzi Quatro, there’s plenty of star power in the book, with features on figures like Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Paul McCartney, Brad Paisley, and more. All of this is contained in a cosmic infusion of sacred geometry and guitar motif’s embedded on the gold foil embossed cover, lending it a mystical kaleidoscopic view one never gets tired of looking at on their coffee table.

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Author: Graphis