Edition Olympia Posters

Edition Olympia 1
From Left to Right: Valerio Adami, Allen Jones, Tom Wesselmann, Horst Antes

Edition Olympia is the name given to the organization that issued four series of seven posters to advertise the Olympic Games taking place in Munich in 1972. The Greeks found nothing more natural than to combine art and sport in a contest of mind and body. It was in this spirit that artists of various styles and nationalities were invited to express themselves on the theme of the Olympics today.

A review of the posters (10 of which are shown here) leaves the question of whether art and sport can still be connected. Some of the designers took the concept of sport and put it through the mills of their imagination. Others stuck to their own expertise, without making any direct reference to the subject at all.

Edition Olympia in Graphis:

Graphis Magazine 158

Edition Olympia 2
From Left To Right: David Hockney, Serge Poliakoff, R.B. Kitaj, Jan Lenica, Max Bill, Paul Wunderlich
Author: Kayla Harris for Graphis

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