Dan Reisinger’s Exhibition

Dan Reisinger

Israeli graphic designer Dan Reisinger is presenting his new designs now through November 2010 at Israel’s Ashdod Museum of Art. Curators Yon Fischer and Roni Cohen-Binyamini describe the designs as a hybrid between two-dimensions and an installation.

Reisinger’s work, which has been featured numerous times over the years in the pages of Graphis, is full of vibrant colors and minimalist forms. Reisinger has produced countless logos, posters, stage designs, and even military decorations for the Israel Defense Forces.

Of the new designs, Dan Reisinger said he wanted “to present the value of color — devoid of subject; to liberate color from object so that color itself becomes subject — devoid of conventional connotations. Color, like music, is an emotive value, an essential need of the human soul.”

Dan Reisinger in Graphis:

Graphis Magazine 190

Graphis Magazine 271

Graphis Magazine 329

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Author: Kayla Harris for Graphis

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