Eco-Friendly Racing: Evija by Lotus Cars in Graphis Journal #375

By now, we all know that the world must reduce carbon emissions both dramatically and immediately. And as individuals doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint, many people are making the switch from gas-powered to electric cars, which is one of the easiest (if not most affordable, alas) ways to do that.

But that’s consumer cars. What about the racing car industry? Formula 1 racing is definitely not known for its environmental sustainability, but some car manufacturers are making an effort. And Great Britain’s revered Lotus Cars is at the forefront, with their all-electric supercar, the Evija. Introduced to the media in 2019, the Evija’s production was delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic, so the car made its actual debut this past spring. 

The first all-electric British hypercar, Lotus claims it’s the most powerful series car production road car ever, reaching speeds over 200 mph. And with an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber monocoque, it’s also the lightest EV hypercar, at 1,680kg.

But the Evija is more than just a workhorse. Beyond its impressive specs, it’s widely considered a beauty, inside and out, with body details that are not only unusual but aerodynamically sound. A precisely engineered combination of curves and openings allows air to not only flow over and around the car, but through it, as well. Venturi tunnels run through each side of the car at its back, providing a dramatic and unexpected look, and an integrated air diffuser runs from the B-pillar to the back. And what’s more, the Evija is ridiculously light for how much car you get. It’s the first car to feature a single-piece carbon fiber chassis that weighs only 284 pounds.

And rest assured, the interior doesn’t disappoint either. It’s got more carbon fiber than you can shake a stick at, giving it a seriously futuristic look that’s augmented by the two doors being dihedral (meaning they open upwards like a DeLorean, the car in Back to the Future, for those of us uninitiated into the autoworld). And the doors don’t even have handles! You open them with the key fob. With the Evija, Lotus has moved the racing industry far forward in just one step, while also doing its part to stave off global heating, and that’s a ride we’re happy to take with them.

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Author: Graphis