Design: The Communities Behind Eastern Asia’s Gold-Winning Work and Latest Entry

An exciting new entry and two beloved Gold-winning designs from Eastern Asia put people first.

Design always keeps the viewer in mind. But sometimes, they also represent a community or an important individual, as did the Gold winner, “Chu’s Orange” (ABOVE) from China. Here, design firm Shenzhen Tigerpan Packaging Design Co. was tasked with honoring the orange company’s corporate founder, Mr. Chu Shijian. According to the firm, “Shijian established Hongta Group in the 70’s and was sent to jail before retirement. After being released at age 74, he continued to be a pioneer, and at 88, his sales exceeded hundreds of millions and he became the ‘Orange King of China.'” Their approach was to create a sturdy structure that was esthetically pleasing and manufactured at a low production cost. The logo features Shijian’s likeness.


In contrast to package design, posters have the ability to bring attention to social and political issues. For example, the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts created a poster for the China Environmental Protection Association in which a melting car tire is overlaid with the word (and title of the piece), Future (ABOVE, RIGHT). Immediately, the viewer understands that we must open our eyes to the various damaging practices we collectively take part in. Therefore, this Gold-winning poster represents the global community, as an abused planet will affect us all.
We were also excited to see a new entry from South Korean design firm Brand Director. Their poster for the Yongin Cultural Foundation, “Yongin Municipal Youth Orchestra,” (ABOVE, LEFT) was created with harmony and growth in mind. The typography is clearly laid out and invites the community to attend a concert presentation and support local artists.
Every design holds two narratives… the approach of the artist and how the community will benefit from its existence.

Submissions for Graphis’ Design Annual 2020 Competition run until March 13, 2019. Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!

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