Design: Branding in the U.S., Represented by Union AdWorks’ Gold-Winning Work and a New Entry from Abby Ryan Design

Great branding does more than sell a product. It creates an effortless esthetic and a mood that can be forever associated with the product or service.

In their Gold-winning work, U.S. firm Union AdWorks created the “2016 Fiat Catalog (ABOVE), with the goal of introducing the FIAT 500’s expanded line-up to North America. Using the Italian word for 500, Cinquecento, in divided and stacked type, Union AdWorks immediately conveys FIAT’s playful nature and Italian heritage. The cover’s colors correspond to the various FIAT 500 paint choices and the book’s 112 pages include chapters for each model accompanied by beautiful images. Union AdWorks expressed that their intent was to showcase FIAT’s brand personality and the ways in which FIAT buyers could customize their car. The campaign was successful, leading the Italian car manufacturer to embrace Union AdWorks design as a benchmark for future marketing print communications.

In a new entry by Abby Ryan Design, also based here in the U.S., a simple, yet clever brand emerges for “Healing Track” (ABOVE). The logo features the image of a bandage, wrapped in what appears to be a racetrack. The name of the company on the back of the business card confirms the logo’s meaning. Abby Ryan Design expressed to us that Healing Track is an online video-based recovery program for patients who are recovering from a medical surgery. With that in mind, it is appropriate that the card is dressed in white and muted aqua blue with minimalistic design. These business cards certainly set customers on track to a soothing and speedy recovery and inspire us to see other new submissions for Branding Design in the coming weeks!

Submit to the Design Annual 2020 competition by March 13, 2018. Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!

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