Design Annual Submission Spotlight: Australian Designers

AUSTRALIA DESIGNERS 1Design Firm: *Frost Design                                           Design Firm: Mike Barker Design

Australian Designer Vince Frost – City of Sydney Bike Posters

Vince Frost’s posters are the result of a collaboration with the City of Sydney to encourage bike riders to ride safely in the city. The bicycle-themed, hand-drawn font made for an informative and educational reminder and earned a top place in our Design Annual 2015 competition. Additional Australian Designers that have contributed to Graphis include Randy LarcombePhilip Ayres, Ted Grambeau, Earl CarterPeter Watts, Craig Bugden, Samuel Byrnes, Wing Lau
Geoff Bickford
Jason Little, Ryan Atkinson, Paul Garbett, Mark Gowing and Matt Morgan 

AUSTRALIA DESIGNERS 2Design Firm:  Mike Barker Design                               Design Firm: Mark Gowing Design

Frost is a consistent Graphis winner. He has submitted a magazine series that won a Platinum in the Graphis Design Annual 2008, in addition to his freestyle piece, a Gold winner in that Annual.

For further insight from Australian Designers, check out Graphis Issue 90, which features an article by R. Haughton James about young Advertising Art in Australia. In Graphis Issue 190, Lyndon Whaite delves into Advertising and Editorial Art in Australia.

The design competition features the most compelling and influential design of the year. Gold and Platinum awards, along with winning entries, will be published in the Design Annual 2015. Submit your work to the Design Annual 2015 competition here.

Author: Rachel Lowry

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