Design Annual 2016 Spotlight Submissions: India

Left Design Firm: Alok Nanda & Company | Right Design  Firm: Landor Associates

Graphis presents two packaging designs submitted to the Design Annual 2016 competition, which appeal to the potent taste pallet of their Indian audience: Landor Associates entry, Taste me to Spain, taste me to Mexico…, and a wine bottle design, Sula, (above left image) created by Alok Nanda & Company.

Landor Associates rolled out packaging for Miss Chhotee’s, a vendor of authentic, natural sauces. They were tasked to develop a design that “broke through the clutter and positioned the brand as a category leader,” they wrote in their Graphis Portfolio. The results, they wrote, were impressionable. “Miss Chhotee’s new packaging has created a buzz not only amongst customers but competitors as well. Competition is always quick to copy the packaging but this one’s going to be tough to replicate.”

Landor Associates is a global brand consulting firm headquartered in San Francisco, with 26 offices in 20 countries. They were founded in 1941 under the direction of Walter Landor, whose pioneering design work has set a precedent for high quality and excellence among his predecessors.

14 years ago, Sula wines launched in India. Alok Nanda & Company created their ‘sun’ logo, which put Sula on the map in the Indian wine market. “With more and more international wine brands jostling for shelf space in India, there was a need to reinforce the badge value of Sula by improving on production values,” they wrote. “This is what we turned out.”

Alok Nanda & Company is an India-based communications company overseen by Alok Nanda. They focus on creating successful lifestyle and luxury brands. Their launch campaign for Lodha Belmondo, a new luxury residence in Pune, recently won Gold in Advertising Annual 2015.

The Graphis Design Annual 2016 attracts international talent and will present Platinum, Gold and Silver work. All entrants receive a 60% discount on the Annual at $48. Submit your work to the competition here today!

Check to see if there is an entry in your Country, State or Province. If not, you can be the most visible representative.

Author: Rachel Lowry

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