Covid in a Can + Gold Gilded Brochure: Brand New Design 2023 Entries

It’s pretty obvious that when it comes to design, you want to build a emotional connection between the work and the viewer. Whether the designer is creating their own piece or working for a client, the best of design makes you feel something and identify with the some aspect of the work.

Ever wish you could just stick Covid 19 into a box and store it away? “Covid Feelings Packaged” (above) is a collection of packaging mockups created by Jan Šabach of Code Switch as a way express the designer’s mix of emotions that he (and everyone else) have felt throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. The collection utilizes various types of forms, ranging from sardine cans and seltzer drinks to chocolate bars and ice cream tubs, and each design uses different colors and graphic styles to humorously explore the feelings and capture the thoughts people experienced during lockdown back in 2020. For example, “Trapped and Cramped like a Sardine” mixes a vintage sardine image with simplistic ocean waves while using blue and red to symbolize the aquatic and the inability to leave the “house” respectively. Other packages, like “Anxie-T” use sharp typography and a large scribbled letter T graphic that visualizes anxiety to a T. With other labels reading “Fatigue: Zero Energy Drink” and “Natural Low Self-Esteem Ice Cream,” the products chronicle feelings of restlessness, fatigue, loneliness, melancholy, and even FOMO (fear of missing out), and despite the different styles come together in a clever, attractive packaging presentation.

Ellen Bruss Design (EBD) was tasked by development firm Lennar, LMC to create a brochure for the company’s new residential complex called “The Fynn Apartments” (above). Located just outside of downtown Chicago, the luxury apartment building is positioned in a sophisticated neighborhood that’s full of resteraunts, art galleries, and retail shops just blocks away from the residence. Bruss wanted to communicate these hidden benefits in a boutique hospitality way, making it feel like “everything is at your fingertips.” As such, Bruss used a clean, uncluttered design in their approach to communicate the ease and convenience of living in the apartments and location. Emulating the building’s gold elements and modern architecture, the brochure uses gold metallic ink and embossing to reveal a refined and elegant interior. The modern logo on the front of the brochure also features a hand-crafted script that “harkened back to the glory days of luxury and service.” In the end, the brochure did its job in drumming up interest: according to Lennar, “We did begin pre leasing in March and leased 19 apartments prior to The Fynn opening. We stabilized (91%) occupied on January 31st and to date have netted 206 leases. We are currently 94.34% occupied and 95.28% leased.”

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Author: Graphis