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Poster: New Entries by Kit Hinrichs, Rose Design UK, Natasha Rethke, Patrice Liu & Florencio Zavala

Exciting, new poster entries are coming in every day from designers and agencies all over the world!

Poster: Switzerland’s Gold-Winning Designs & Latest Entries

Switzerland continues to produce inspiring, award-winning poster designs.

Poster: Creative New Entries and Gold-Winners from Japan Elevate Poster Design

Japan’s contributions to poster design have exhibited continued creativity, emotion and skillful design.

Poster: New and Winning Work from NY Displays What the City Has to Offer

Great poster design does more than advertise, it creates a visual event on its own…

Poster: Marcos Minini, Rafael Fernandes & Thiago Lacaz Represent Brazil’s Strong Poster Designs

This week’s featured posters come from some of Brazil’s best designers

Poster: Past Winning Posters from Canada Effortlessly Gather Audiences

These gold and silver winning posters capture the attention of potential audience members and consumers.

Protest Poster: New Entries Take On The Murky Waters of Today’s Hot Button Issues

New entries in our Protest Poster 2 Competition set a powerful tone  There are a myriad of…

Poster: Gold-Winning Posters by João Machado & Husmee Use Type to Tell a Story

Simplicity and clever placement of text and objects can tell a story in one glance.

Design: The Communities Behind Eastern Asia’s Gold-Winning Work and Latest Entry

An exciting new entry and two beloved Gold-winning designs from Eastern Asia put people first.

Protest Posters 2: New International Entries Confront Issues with Confidence

These call-to-action posters from around the world deal with ongoing social and political issues.

Graphis Master: Melchior Imboden Drew Inspiration From Travel and Is Paying It Forward

The celebrated Swiss poster designer and photographer has lectured in more than 20 countries.

Graphis Exhibitions: Graphis Recently Held It’s Inaugural Exhibition Program in Atlanta with Resounding Success

Partnering with AIGA Atlanta, Graphis’ newly launched Exhibitions program went off with a bang this last month