Branding: Christian Widlic & more from California

The Branding7 competition is still open for your entries! Here are a couple of entries submitted to us from the Golden Coast.

The work above was submitted by COLLINS and won a Silver Award in the Design Annual 2018 competition. Designed by Christian Widlic, the branding for Airbnb promoted its partnership with the New York City Marathon, during which “Visitors were encouraged to socialize, pick up their bibs, store their belongings, and enjoy a variety of food, beverages, and music — all supplied by their neighbors at Airbnb.” See below for more!

Shawn Ritzenthaler and Miguel Pérez of MiresBall designed the branding above, inspired by Poseidon, to our Branding7 competition. The branding promotes Coronado Brewing Company’s collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation.
There are only a few months left to submit your work to the Branding7 competition. Remember, early entrants have an increased chance of being featured on our blog, website, and social media platforms!
Author: Graphis