Photo: Gemma Fletcher, Jonathan Knowles & More!

If you haven’t gathered already, we have extended the deadline for our Photography Annual 2018 competition. We’re eager to see more submissions, so we’ve rounded up a few entries from this current competition, as well as past ones, to pump ourselves, and you, up.

Featured today  is a Gold Award-winning photo from the 2013 Annual, titled “Human Sculpture” by Henrik Sorensen for Getty Images under Art Director Gemma Fletcher. Next, we have some recent entries by Graphis Judge and Photographer Jonathan Knowles, who is no stranger to the spotlight on our blog, with photos (left) for agricultural company Dole of various fruits captured masterfully moments before exploding into unstructured bits of mush and juice. Yum. His “Fish Bowl” photo was shot for Luxure Magazine. See below for more!
Nick Dolding came away with Gold for his series of photos aptly called “Cut Outs” (left) for Getty Images in the 2015 Photography Annual. In playing around with cutouts and creating collages, Dolding was able to achieve his aim of questioning the notions of identity and privacy with striking portraits. Knowles won Gold in the 2017 Photography Annual for the photo series on the right, named “Derelict,” where he was tasked to create beauty out of decaying flowers by Getty Images. In doing so, Knowles highlighted textures under low lighting and embraced the flowers at their dying stage.
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Author: Graphis