Branding: Lippincott & more from New York

Above is a Gold-winning branding campaign by Lippincott from our Design Annual 2015 for Avianca, the flag carrier of Colombia, after it merged with TACA, the leading airline in Central America. The work was created under Creative Director Rodney Abbot, Designers Sam Ayling, Bogdan Geana, and Jung Kwon, and Photographers David Arky and Albert Vecerka of Esto Photographics.

Design Firm Jones Knowles Ritchie is responsible for the Silver Award-winning Bud Light branding campaign under Designer Tosh Hall from our Design Annual 2018. JKR were tasked to successfully revitalize and update the visual identity of Bud Light as the #1 beer to be proud of drinking, not as a beer that is merely the default choice, back in 2015. By skillfully wielding typography with their chosen palette of vivid blues, the firm succeeded in promoting and elevating the brand’s image in a more positive light.

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Author: Graphis