Branding: Greg Daake, Jim Buhrman & more from the Midwest

The Branding7 competition is still open for your entries until November 7, 2017! Presented are a couple of entries from our past and current competitions from the Midwest.

Above is a submission in our current competition, “OrthoNebraska Branding,” by agency DAAKE of Omaha, Nebraska for OrthoNebraska under Creative Director Greg Daake and Designer Jim Buhrman Jr. Originally two separate entities in Omaha, one being Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital and the other OrthoWest, the organizations joined together to be the go-to location for musculoskeletal care. Rebranding was therefore necessary for their union. The three stripes in the logo represent the three medical departments of the two coming together as one.

Next is a Gold Award-winning packaging from our Design Annual 2015 for “Oscar Mayer Butcher Thick Cut Bacon” by Design Firm Landor Associates of Chicago for Oscar Mayer under Executive Creative Director Christopher Lehmann, Design Director Anne Vaschetto, and Designer Strom Strandwell. Landor Associates had to design a big bold look fitting of Oscar Mayer’s thick cut bacon to not only differentiate it from other bacon in the meat section, but to also create beautiful packaging that draws the eye.
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Author: Graphis