Branding: Sijia Zhang & more from the US

Designer Sijia Zhang of Mood of Shape in Jersey City entered the above to the Branding7 competition. Created for client Meet, “a Korean barbecue restaurant targeting young people,” the team “abstracted 8 kinds of meats to geometric graphics one by one and visualized the experience of grilling meat into 6 patterns.”

Designers Janu Flores and Ian Conklin of Noise 13 in San Francisco created the above branding for their client, World Wrapps, the inventors of spinach wraps. “Travel served as inspiration for the brand identity. The logotype’s stamped texture reminds us of street food signage, while the color palette conjures images of a Moroccan spice market. With a vast number of geographic locations to draw from, we landed on an aesthetic that feels culturally ambiguous to encompass global cuisines and evoke individual memories of flavors throughout the world.”

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Author: Graphis