Branding: Beacon Communications k.k. graphic studio & more from Japan

Under Art Directors Mayumi Kato and Takashi Kaneko, Designers Yusuke Sano, Hiroko Nakatake, and Naoto Nakamura of Beacon Communications k.k. graphic studio located in Tokyo, Japan created a branding design for their client Matsu Matsumoto and entered it to our Branding7 competition. The goal was “to enhance brand image and gain new customers” for the restaurant. “The name of the restaurant, “Matsu,” means “pine” in Japanese, so [they] used a pine motif for the logo.”

Designers Hajime Tsushima and Yukiko Tsushima of Tsushima Design in Hiroshima, Japan designed the branding for their client, Studio Zen Wallcoverings, “a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of unique and exceptional wallcoverings.”

The deadline for the Branding7 competition is Tuesday, January 9. Enter your best designs!

Author: Graphis