Branding 7: New Entry Spotlights from Southern Europe

ABOVEAnother Collective (Matosinhos, Portugal) for Câmara Municipal do Porto | Designers: Eduardo Rodrigues, Bruno Soares, Paulo Portela, and Rita Robalinho 
“The City Museum is, by itself, a foreign body to the city of Porto since it occupies some of the most noble places of the city through a cultural network that spreads through the urban network. However, many spaces go unnoticed to the city’s inhabitants — this was the conceptual starting point for the development of its updated image. It urged the creation of a language of its own adjusted to each space, thus giving a more consistent presence to the city.
The brand intends to represent an opening space (an almost literal representation of a door opening) to represent the opening of the city. The logo conveys the unification of the spaces as a whole, distinguished only by its signature, being a simple way to demonstrate the parallel union and singularity of each space.  The logo is the central point of the graphic pieces with photographic support of the works present in the Museums and with a pre-established color code for each space.
Thus, the City Museum emerges as a space for debate and learning of the cultural history of the city, a perfect synergy between the city and its spaces. A museum open to the city. A Museum of many Museums!”


ABOVEEduardo del Fraile (Madrid, Spain) for KONG
“KONG rum restores the original balance of respect between man and Gorilla. The aesthetic of the bottle was inspired by the Virunga Volcanoes. From the sugar cane they use in captivity comes the idea of a Sugar Cane Rum and from the Rainforest of their habitat, its ingredients. This is KONG, the Rainforest Rum with ingredients inspired by Gorilla habitats.
Molded and sculpted majestically as the head of a Mountain Gorilla, KONG is a premium Guatemalan Rum and also a project to save Gorillas in collaboration with The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and GRACE Gorillas. KONG is produced in limited editions of 4.680 bottles each time, as many as Eastern Gorillas left in the world.
KONG debuted March of 2018 in El Corte Inglés — the most prestigious store in Spain — and also in some of the Top 10 bars in Spain. Soon it will be available in the rest of Europe, Japan, and America. A part of your bottle is intended to save gorillas, and also ourselves.”


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Author: Graphis