Bailey Lauerman: Poster Maestro

2017 is the 40th anniversary of the Lincoln Marathon, a race event that pays tribute to city of Lincoln, Nebraska. Bailey Lauerman, a consistent Graphis winner, has designed posters that have set high standards for professionals in their industry. Above are two of their commemorative posters for the Lincoln Marathon from the Graphis Archives. A Gold winner in the Poster Annual 2006, the poster (left) references President Abraham Lincoln, the namesake of the city. The other poster (right) won a Gold Award in the Poster Annual 2011. See below for more.

Designed by Ron Sack, the above poster won a Silver Award in the Design Annual 2016.

Ervin Photography shot the photograph for this poster, which won a Merit Award in the Advertising Annual 2014.

We congratulate Bailey Lauerman on their timeless designs, and are proud to feature their work in our annuals.


Author: Graphis