Typography 3 Winners Announcement

Graphis is pleased to announce the Platinum winning entrants of Typography 3: Atelier Bundi AG, Concept Arts Inc., Graham Hanson Design, Gunter Rambow, Hofmann.to, Joaquim Cheong Design, Marcus King, Shin Matsunaga Design Inc., Stranger & Stranger, and Visual Dialogue.

Graphis congratulates all of the winners for their outstanding achievements and is proud to share the winning work with our readers. This year’s winners have been posted on Graphis.com. Click here to view our current and past competition winners.

The Typography competition features some of the top work of the year. The Annual is available for pre-order in our store. All entrants and professional members receive a 60 percent discount. Stay tuned for information about the Typography competition at graphis.com.


Author: Rachel Lowry

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