Young Designers on the Rise: New Talent Annual 2022 Featured Submissions

Looking for fresh talent? Look no further than these lovely entries from the New Talent Annual 2022 competition.

The first submission, “Billboard Magazine“, was designed and submitted by Jieun Lee from the School of Visual Arts in New York City under the instruction of Professor Pedro Mendes (above). The assignment behind Lee’s design was to pick a magazine in a topic that they were interested in and redesign it, and the type of content within the magazine had to play a role in influencing the type choices and layout design. Lee’s choice was the Billboard chart and used its rectangular shape for the design and layout. The shape emphasizes the information inside the shape, and the shape itself serves as a graphic element. As a result, this project received positive feedback from both classmates and Professor Mendes.

Incentives” was created by Allison Mandel and Amanda Andreucci, who attend Temple University’s Tyler School of Art and Architecture in Philadelphia (above) and received guidance from Professor Abby Guido. The assignment for “Incentives” was to create a company with a logo, brand guidelines, style type, design system, and digital assets; the company was supposed to help solve a problem through user experience design that is rooted in research. Mandel and Andreucci chose to solve a problem directly related to college students in need of learning more about their finances. They wanted theirr company to be simple yet helpful and, most importantly, to solve the problem, not add to its confusion. They found that many people their age were in the same situation, and they came to the conclusion that the best way to solve the problem was to create a course, taking special interest in researching and designing the Learning Management System that was the basis for the company.

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