Yokai Seltzer Monsters & Frustration and Envy in a Drink: Newest Packaging 10 Designs

Doesn’t it seem like when you have a drink, it just tastes better when it comes out of a cool can or bottle? These two Packaging entries are overflowing with such good designs, you’ll want to keep them after they go empty.

Known for creating delicious, interesting beverages, the New Hokkaido Beverage Company needed a can design that reflected the playful, Japanese-inspired flavors of their new seltzer line, and Sally Morrow Creative certainly rose to the challenge. Inspiration was easy to come by thanks to New Hokkaido’s founder, who grew up in Japan and had many stories to share about the experience as well as lots of Japanese mythology and folktales. Project manager Jill Raleigh, illustrator and designer Emile Holmewood, copywriter Doug Lowell, and account director David Morrow eventually decided to focus on one major aspect of Japanese legends: the yokai, which are spirits that either create good luck, do harm, or cause mischief. 

The energetically designed 16 oz cans for “New Hokkaido Seltzer Packaging” (above) combine the best of both unity and variety with five unique designs and flavors that all come together to form an attractive product line. The design juxtaposes arresting typography and vibrant color, using layered gloss and matte finishes to add beauty and a sense of smoothness. The yokai themselves are wonderfully fun and creative, with each taking its design from the fruit that flavors the drink: lychee, pineapple, mango, dragon fruit, and yuzu. Featuring text that tells the intriguing stories of each yokai featured, you’ll definitely get into the drinking “spirit” with this beverage!

Inspired by the Mexican culture of duality, designer Rodrigo Suarez and production artist Alejandro Sanchez of Cocoa Brands brought a new entry to the world of designer liquor with their double gold medal-winning submission to the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. “Perra Suerte Raicilla” (above) combines the best in both food/beverage and packaging design for a product that looks and tastes playfully luxurious. The thematic inspiration of the brand’s name reflects the concept of duality and contrast present in the design of both the packaging and the liquor itself. The phrase “perra suerte” can mean either frustration in the face of misfortune, or envy of someone else’s good luck. Both meanings came together to make the delicious, beautifully crafted Perra Suerte Raicilla.

The bottle is richly ornamented with an abstract design reminiscent of the agave piña, the plant that provides the base for the raicilla inside. Raicilla is a lesser known agave distillate from Jalisco, the same state where tequila is produced. The liquor has a fizzy, pungent sensation on the tongue with a smoother aftertaste. The label, meanwhile, is clean, minimal, and almost spotless save for the unexpected scribble over the logotype. This accent, which according to the designers was the result of an accidental mark by the master raicillero, elegantly brings the design together and adds a personal touch.

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Author: Graphis