Typography 4 Competition is Now Open!

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The Typography 4 Competition is now open for entries! We encourage you to submit to our competition. See below for credits and more from our past Typography 3 winners:

The above Typography posters won Platinum Awards in the Typography 3 Competition. Stephan Bundi from Atelier Bundi, Boll in Switzerland submitted his Typography poster (top left) about “‘Otello’, murder of jealousy.” Luca Ionescu from Concept Arts, Inc. in California, United States submitted her Typography poster (top right) as a teaser for the upcoming movie Gatsby.

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Brian Banton from York University in Canada won Gold for his A-Z Typeface poster (left) “Heterosis: A Kinetic Typeface.” Viktor Koen and Steven Heller from Visual Arts Press, Ltd. in New York won Gold for their A-Z Typeface subway poster (right) promoting School of Visual Arts. For more information on all of these posters and more, click here.

Other winning design firms from the Typography 3 Competition: Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. GovernmentGunter Rambow and Hofmann.to, among many others. For more information on these and various other submissions, click here.

Submit your best Typography posters of the year to our competition here!

Did you know? Graphis will fully display up to 500 Platinum, Gold, Silver and Merit winners in our online archive.

Submit early to gain greater exposure and a possible blog promotion! 





Author: Graphis