Type: TIST, Fa-Hsiang Hu, & more from Eastern Asia

TIST type foundry, located in Seoul, South Korea, entered the above (left) typeface design to the current Typography4: Typeface Design competition.

“The goal is to develop a corporate typeface of TIST, the brand coordination company. From the previous typeface, which is designed in straight lines, appropriate for the title, the new font is an advanced family typeface which is valuable for the text, based on the edges of the logo by adding a curve motif and improving the readability.”
The typographic poster beside it was designed by Fa-Hsiang Hu of hufax arts Co.,Ltd./ CUTe, located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Created for client TPDA, the poster aimed to promote annual topic of TPDA “words.” Through festivals, we communicate each other’s wishes through dialogue.”
Fa-Hsiang Hu is a designer, creative director and educator. He is an assistant professor of Department of visual and communication design at China University of Technology and also is an Executive Creative Director of hufax arts Co., Ltd. Director of Taiwan Graphic Design Association / Director of Taiwan Posters Design Association.

Chaosheng Li & Kan Zhao of 345 Design Studio located in Zhejiang, China entered the above (left) branding design for client Zhejiang Gongshang University. “”Mountain Outside Mountain” expresses the pursuit of the expansion of design education. The exhibition organized by Art and Design College of Zhejiang Gongshang University is divided into three subjects: course, competition, research. Logo is composed of three “mountain” characters from the inside out, which presents the theme of “Mountain Outside Mountain,” and outward waves at the same time reflect the concept of “expand.” Three cement sculptures of the poster, three knife editions of the book cover, and three transitional parchment paper inside pages echoe the theme of “Mountain Outside Mountain.””
The typeface beside it, “BiauKai Regular,” was designed by DynaLab Inc. located in Taipei, Taiwan.

The Typography4: Typeface Design and Type in Use competitions are still open for entries! Enter your work by Tuesday, January 23.

Author: Graphis