Type: Michael Maynard, Sophie Good, Alberto Romanos & More

The deadlines for our Typography4: Typeface Design and Type in Use competitions are fast approaching. If you believe your work will be a strong contender among our entries, submit it by September 12, 2017! Today, we are setting our sights on past and present work from the UK and Canada.

Winning Gold in our Poster Annual 2013, Malcolm Waddell‘s series of posters for the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (above left) is an outstanding series showing the perfect example of how type can integrate itself on wildly distinct posters and still feel like it’s part of a whole. It was designed under Creative Director Michael Maynard, student Photographers Suzanne Babineau and Oliver Flecknell, and student Greg Webber.
Beside it is an entry to our Type4: Typeface Design competition, titled “Portakabin,” by designer Sophie Good of Landor and Alberto Romanos of Branding With Type. For Portakabin’s new brand identity based on “The Science of Building,” Landor employed Modula as their main typeface.
Another entry from Landor to our Type4 competition is “Artupia: Army of Artists,” with the originators being Emily Price and Rebecca Barker. Each letter, in the spirit of the democratic spirit of Artupia, a digital platform/marketplace that sought to discourage the elitism and nepotism that so often comes at the expense of the art world, was taken from the signature of each artist that joined the site. The typeface Army of Artists truly embodies the visual identity and spirit of Artupia.
Last but not least is a poster designed by Stefan Canuel for the National Gallery of Canada for the first exhibition of the Canadian Photography Institute at the gallery. “Cutline” is also an entry in our Type4: Type in Use competition, and it evokes nostalgia of an era long past with a print from The Globe and Mail archives.
Have a typeface or typography design that you’d like to give more exposure? Enter it into either the Typeface Design or Type in Use competitions. Hurry–early entrants have an increased chance for exposure on our website, blog, and social media platforms.
Author: Graphis