Type: Atlas, Iolkos Publications & More from Southern Europe

Viva Massimo” (above left) is a commemorative poster by Graphis Master Design firm Atlas in Palma de Mallorca, Spain under Creative Art Director Astrid Stavro, Designer Nuria Cabrera, and Pablo Martin as tribute to late Italian design legend Massimo Vignelli for Husmee Studio Graphique for an exhibition in Northern Spain in collaboration with Vignelli Associates. The poster was awarded with our highest honor, Platinum, in our Poster Annual 2016.

Iolkos Apla” (above right) by Designer Haratzopoulos, Georgiou, Karlopoulos from Greece for Iolkos Publications, who wanted a redesigned typeface of “Apla,” commonly used in Greek books and public communication. It is an attractive submission in our current Typeface competition.

Astir CF” (left) is also a submission from Georgiou, Karlopoulos, and Haratzopoulosm, whose Stella Project sought to draw influences from Greek calligraphy and lettering that was used in advertising between the 1950s and 1970s. Astir is the sixth typeface of the project of the ambitious project.
Caminhos” (right) was awarded Gold in our Poster Annual 2016 by design firm Atelier d’alves under Art Director Sergio Alves and Designers Ricardo Gomes and Rui Silva for Festival Caminhos do Cinema Portugues, the only movie festival in Portugal for Portuguese cinema. For their subject, the firm used expressions most likely found for the audience rather than those involved in the film industry and filled the city of Coimbra with posters of all types of emotions.

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Author: Graphis