Two of a Kind: Design 2023 Gold Winning Works

Our two Gold-winning entries for this week both play with the idea of pairs. Whether in the form of a romantic couple or a couple of merging bodies, these designs make a case for why two is better than one.

Our first entry is a collection of prints by designer Carmit Makler Haller. Created as a personal project, “Intertwined” (above) uses edited photos from Adobe Stock to create a surreal and mesmerizing array of images. Haller cites Flora Borsi, an award-winning fine art photographer from Hungary, as her primary inspiration for these series. Borsi is well-known for her work that uses photo manipulation to create stunning surrealist imagery that is thematically focused on identity, relationships, emotions, and dreams. You can truly see that influence in Haller’s work; each photo in the set plays with the idea of the human body fusing in an unfamiliar way, where two or more human figures are merged together to such an extent, that one cannot tell where they start and end.

Our other entry comes from designer Kris Wright from the design firm Rodgers Townsend. This series of posters, titled “Life Well Crafted,” was commissioned by House of Rohl as part of a brand campaign to advertise their luxury plumbing service. Glitz and glam are far from the first things to come to mind when picturing plumbing, and this campaign aimed to set itself apart in that regard by doing something new and unexpected. In the tradition of old Hollywood, the company’s products become supporting characters in a B&W love story, with the advertisements serving like movie posters for a glamourous classic film. 

You can check out the full collection of our Design Awards 2023 winners here.

Author: Graphis