Tolerance & Truths: Newest Entries in Protest Posters 2

This week’s newest entries in Protest Posters 2 speak volumes with their messages of tolerance, acceptance, and truth.

Starting off this round is Michael Schwab’s design “Los Californios”, which refers to those born under Spanish rule in the 1700-1800s. Schwab, who established his own studio in San Anselmo, California in 1999 designed this as a publication cover for the California State Parks’ Society of California Archaeology. Schwab was inspired by the state’s rich cultural heritage and wanted his design to not just reflect it, but celebrate it. In his design, Schwab depicts one in silhouette: a dark indigo figure set against a burnt orange, sunset-colored background. The typography is reminiscent of the style found on vintage Western posters. The result is bursting with alma — the Spanish word for “soul.”

Next up is “Tolerance” (or “Toleranssia”), designed by Graphis Master Kari Piippo of Finland. Piippo founded his own studio in 1987 and has won various accolades throughout his career, including the Pro Finlandia Medal and Graphic Artist of the Year in Finland, as well as a Gold Award in Graphis’s Logo Design 5 competition. Piippo, who specializes in illustration and posters, came up with this design for an international poster show put on by Mirko Illić Corp. in New York. The poster itself depicts an atmosphere dominated by intolerance; Piippo’s rainbow is being choked out with grays, black splotches, and cracks overtaking it. Given all that has occurred in recent times, spreading a message of tolerance is becoming more and more important every day. Thanks to contributors like Piippo, the Tolerance Traveling Poster Show circulates around the globe and visits many different universities and galleries.

Perhaps one of the most unique posters we’ve come across, Karel Aubrecht from the Czech Republic has us going through an abundance of emotions with his entry “???…!!!” A self-commissioned work, Aubrecht took inspiration from daily messages from news media in an attempt to convey the contemporary social atmosphere of the twentieth year of the 21st century. The poster features a white global logo against a blue background and creatively turns a COVID-19 molecule into an astronomical probe with an overlaid red sketch. Aubrecht uses a multimedia approach to his design, utilizing hand-drawn illustrations as well as collage and PC transformations through Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat. We at Graphis have the unique opportunity to be the first to see this design, as Aubrecht chose to premiere it through our competition. One thing is for sure: Aubrecht definitely captured the craziness of 2020!

Last is another entry centered around the craziness of 2020: a poster collection titled “Election Truths: 2020”, designed and submitted by Shane Kendrick/ Ebb + Flow Creative, based in Denver, Colorado. Kendrick is the founder and creative director of Ebb + Flow and specializes in the creation and extension of brand initiatives, identity systems, and web projects. Kendrick has over twenty years of design experience, and his work has been recognized by the American Institute of Graphic Arts and published in Graphis’ Design Annual. Another self-commissioned piece, Kendrick’s poster collection aims to showcase the propaganda used to undermine the 2020 Presidential Election. Kendrick says he felt compelled to make statements regarding the election, and his posters speak loud and clear.   

Feeling inspired to speak your own truths? Check out other entries for our Protest Posters 2 competition, and remember to submit your own!

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