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Some design magazines just get it right — crisp aesthetics, rich editorial, inspirational content, and a smart web presence. Not many publications can pull this off, but IDPURE makes it look easy.

Aimed at professionals working in the graphic arts, IDPURE is made for people who are sensitive to and interested in their visual environments. The articles are pretty good too.

Our favorite is one found in Issue 18, titled Jesus Christ, That’s a Nice Logo — a brief history of the pervasive fish logo that rides the bumpers of so many cars around the world. The emblem dates back to 54 A.D., and was mainly used as a security measure to identify fellow believers. The writer even says, “It’s one of those I wish I’d have thought of it (2,000 years ago) ideas.”

Based in Switzerland, IDPURE has been offering a comprehensive picture of the graphic design world since 1991. Under the banner “Good Design Must Be Guaranteed”, the magazine provides a meeting place between professionals and customers. At the same time, it acts as a source of information, inspiration, and expression.

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Author: Kayla Harris for Graphis

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