The Green Movement: Posters For Iran

The Green Movement 1

As Iran gears up to “deliver a telling blow to global powers,” it is the perfect time to explore the graphic designs of the Middle East, even during the country’s recent turmoil.

Last year when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed victory before all the votes were counted in his reelection bid, it spurred a wave of protests in the streets. Thousands were arrested and dozens were killed.

Iran tried to ban all non-governmental sanctioned information from getting out, but Ahmadinejad’s opposition, known collectively as the Green Movement, defiantly pelted the Internet with updates via blogs and social networks.

Spurred by Iranian Green Movement supporter Green Bird — an alias used to circumvent arrest and possible death — Milton Glaser, Wim Crouwel, Michael Vanderbyl, Pierre Bernard, Massimo Vignelli and more than 150 other notable graphic designers produced posters rooted in the movement’s “Where Is My Vote?” campaign.

In fact, the Green Movement has gained so much traction that it now has its own Woody Pirtle designed logo, which can be seen online at SocialDesignZine, along with the complete poster collection.

While the posters are seemingly effective, most dissenters in Iran will never be able to see the work. The Iranian government won’t allow it.

But that won’t stop the Green Movement. Organizers are promising another series of protests this month. In response, the government has issued a terrifying pledge: “the era of tolerance is over. Anyone attending such rallies will be crushed.”

Graphis supports Green Bird and hopes our friend remains safe during this tumultuous time. To see more Green Movement posters, click here. Also, be sure to check out Graphis’ Poster Annual 2011 for more designs.

The Green Movement 2

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Author: Kayla Harris for Graphis

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