The Finest Fashion: Photography 2023 New Entries

When it comes to fashion photography, photographers often need to straddle the line between fine art and commercial to create a successful image. The photographers behind these two fashion shoots presented the garments in a creative way that both pique the viewers’ interest and stay true to the essence of the designer’s collection. 

The first submission comes from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) photography alumni student Colin Douglas Gray, who documents fellow student Backham Lin’s senior fashion collection, “Far From Home” (above). Originally debuting at SCAD’s Senior Fashion Show, Lin’s line was inspired by the movement and form of birds, which translated into a focus on flowing, pleated, and ruched materials, with bright colors similar to feathers. To ensure the fluidity and detailed tailoring of Lin’s garments were captured in the photos, Gray used a simple white background and instructed the models to produce a lot of movement, letting viewers see a glimpse of what the garment would look like outside of a static image. With the series’ minimal background, soft lighting, and dynamic models, the photos look straight out of a high-end editorial and were even featured in WWD. 

The next photo submission “For All” (above) showcases another senior fashion collection from SCAD,  which centers on inclusive and gender-neutral designs for non-binary and adaptive individuals. Captured by photographer Hadley Stambaugh, the series features three looks from the collection which include a flowy dress with intricate beading and crystal details, a dark tailored blazer with boxy shoulders and lined with colorful organza, and a monochromatic look assembled with a pink floral button-up, a corduroy tie top layered over a red t-shirt, and matching shorts. Each ensemble is thoughtfully styled with a diversity of colors, textures, and silhouettes, creating unique looks that immediately command attention. What truly ties these photos together is the smart set design choices, which utilize blue, orange, and pink glowing LED lights that add depth and contrast to the clothes as well as giving the photos an overall youthful atmosphere. 

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Author: Graphis