The Art Directors Club of New York Goes Digital

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 11.30.10 AMDesigner: Pete Rossi | Client: Art Directors Club | Title: Art Directors Club Annual iPad case

The Art Directors Club of New York Discontinues Printing of the Awards Annual 

For the first time in their nearly century-long history, the Art Directors Club of New York will not be printing the awards annual. Instead, the annual will be released digitally, through the
ADC Annual 92 iPad App.

ACD commissioned RM&CO British Designer Pete Rossi to design a limited edition iPad case to commemorate the launch of the app. The case design, submitted to the Graphis Design Annual 2015 competition, shows promise as a winner in our Design Annual 2015.

“It’s … a big statement to the industry about how information can be consumed,” Rossi told Graphis. “In lieu of a printed book, the case acts as a tangible symbol that ADC members can look forward to holding in their hands.”

The ADC Annual 92 iPad app was launched around the globe last November for $19.99 USD and free for ADC members. It was the first to include every single Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit winner. Video and motion graphics entries will now be featured as actual films, instead of thumbnails and all entries can be panned and zoomed for a close look at detail.

The case design was inspired by the classic Art Directors Annuals from the 1920’s. The medallion embossed on the back of the case was drawn from a coin designed by sculptor Paul Manship in 1920 and celebrates the merging of the old and the new.

UKDesigners: Cherro Wang, Poonam Burman          Designer: Guy Pratt

Rossi is a new Graphis contributor. He also submitted his “Shapes of Things campaign 13” to the Photography Annual 2015, as well as “Social Class Identity Part 1%,” “Junk Mail” and “A Home for Everyone. A Place to live, not sleep” to Social/Political Posters. He also submitted “USA by designers” to Poster Annual 2015.

For further insight from Designers in the United Kingdom, check out Corporate Identity 2, which features commentary on corporate identity programs by British Identity Consultant Michael Peters. Also check out Graphis Issue 14, a special “England” issue that highlights stories about British personalities and movements within the graphic design world — and Graphis Issue 114, which features the second exhibition of graphic and editorial art in Great Britain, by art editor of Design, Brian Grimbly.

Rossi’s recent submission to the Design Annual 2015. Additional British Designers that have contributed to Graphis include David Hillman, Alan Fletcher, Poonam Burman and Cosimo Surace with Stranger & Stranger, Paul Ellis, Jim Meston, Neil Sims, Cherro Wang, Poonam Burman and Sasha Vidakovic, among many others.

The design competition features the most compelling and influential design of the year. Gold and Platinum awards, along with winning entries, will published in the Design Annual 2015. Submit your work to the Design Annual 2015 competition here.

Author: Rachel Lowry

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