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New Photography Entry from Michael Pantuso, and The Nature’s Bounty Company Wins Silver!

Graphis Master Michael Pantuso, a Platinum winner, has submitted his above photograph of his daughter Viola. Entitled,…

Andrzej Pągowski Brings Attention to Australia Wildfires, Plus Award-Winning Works from Onur Aşkın and João Machado.

For the Poster Annual 2020, designer Onur Aşkın (TU) won Silver for his entry “Temperature Increase” (above,…

Design: These New and Silver-Winning Entries From Cut Once and Column Five are Full of Client Appreciation

Design firm, Cut Once, submits their entry titled, “Notes of Gratitude” (above), to the Design Annual 2021….

Poster: New Entry from Howard Schatz and Winning Work by EGGRA and Cold Open

The latest entry for the Poster Annual 2021 competition comes from designer Howard Schatz from the U.S….