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Design: The Communities Behind Eastern Asia’s Gold-Winning Work and Latest Entry

An exciting new entry and two beloved Gold-winning designs from Eastern Asia put people first.

Graphis Master: Hoon-Dong Chung’s Philosophy on Balanced Design

Hoon-Dong Chung spells out his design philosophy in Graphis Journal 358

Milton Glaser: Taking the Long View (On Technology) Part II

A few weeks ago we excerpted a Graphis interview from a then-70-year-old Milton Glaser who had some…

Milton Glaser: Taking the Long View (On Technology)

Forty years after Milton Glaser designed the iconic I ♥ NY logo in 1977, he’s still a…

2018 Poster Annual Winners

Graphis is thrilled to announce the Platinum Award winners of the Poster Annual 2018 competition! These ten…