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Key art for The Blinding of Isaac Woodard by SJI Associates

The Vision Behind the Key Art of a Civil Rights Icon: The Blinding of Isaac Woodard

Some stories are so powerful they reverberate throughout history. “The Blinding of Isaac Woodard” is one of…

Award-winning poster designs from Leroy & Rose.

The Best Agency in the Universe: Leroy & Rose Featured in Graphis Journal #376

Leroy met Rose in 2012 during one of the hottest summers ever recorded in the Peach State….

Bring Your Movie Love + Nothing But the Truth: Advertising 2022 Winners

One tells a fantasy, the other the truth, but both these Gold-winning works highlight not only advertising’s…

Blending Beauty + Forms and Visions: Newest Poster 2023 Submissions

This week’s posters redefine a poster’s longstanding purpose: promotion. Whether it’s for movies, TV shows, or exhibitions,…