Exploring Electronic Music & Cross-Cultural Posters

Surreal World of Electronic Music Posters

Event posters have always been an essential tool in advertising, and in electronic music, they have become increasingly more creative. Thoughtful design choices can go a long way toward making any marketing material more attractive and memorable.

An example is this compelling event poster entry for the Graphis Poster 2024 Awards created by Kyrgyzstan designer Roman Postovoy of Supremat for Music Reactions. The event’s featured headliner was the legendary “CJ Bolland” (above, left), the English-Belgian electronic music producer and remixer whose productions have captivated and included working with seminal artists such as Orbital and Depeche Mode. 

The poster for the event sends us into another dimension. Supremat combines abstract 3D models, unusual textures, and reflections to create a surrealistic atmosphere that speaks directly to the intended audience in such a way as to stimulate viewers’ imaginations and pique their interest. The visuals usually give off a high vibe, techno, and imaginary atmosphere when it comes to promoting the electronic music event. 

By using minimalistic design, viewers are encouraged to focus on the shapes and colors instead of being distracted by too many details, making it appealing to those seeking clarity in the art. The flat gradient background enhances the poster’s layering and surreal quality, much like the build-up of electronic music beats. At the same time, the strategic use of colors and typography is pivotal in drawing attention to the event’s headliner. The headline in red, which stands out in strong contrast against the background imagery, is eye-catching and energetic, mimicking the changing pace of electronic music beats. Various sans-serif fonts further add to the dynamic effect, creating a harmonious relationship between the design and the music. It’s as if you closed your eyes for a second and imagined an association heard from the electronic music beats, where the surreal and strange imagery changes one by one as the track progresses.

Whether you’re a fan of electronic music or other genres, this poster is sure to leave a lasting impression and inspire you to delve deeper into your own projects.

Celebrating Cross-Cultural Design: The Amigos Poster

Design is a powerful tool that brings people together, transcending borders and cultures. The “Amigos” poster (above, right) is a testament to this, embodying the spirit of collaboration and representing over a decade of cross-cultural cooperation between the BICM International Poster Biennial in Mexico and the Taiwan International Student Design Competition. This piece was expertly designed by Antonio Castro of Antonio Castro Design, who shared with us the story behind this impressive work of art and its journey to being submitted for the Graphis Poster 2024 Awards.

Antonio Castro Design

I was commissioned to create a poster that embodies the values of collaboration, empathy, and the nurturing of new talent that both design initiatives stand for, all while paying homage to the friendship between Mexico and Taiwan. In addition, the participating artists selected another designer, preferably of the opposite sex, bringing fresh perspectives and new talent to join this collective.      

The artists that participated have been part of this collaboration in some capacity along the way; in my case, I acted as a member of the International Jury for the Visual Design Category at the 2018 Taiwan International Student Design Competition.    

In trying to create beautiful and meaningful metaphors for both countries, I came across the image of a bird endemic to Taiwan called the Taiwan Blue Magpie. I found that this bird’s beautiful rich blue colors, yellow eyes, and geometric pattern of its tail could be the perfect symbol for Taiwanese design. I then had the task of finding the ideal icon for Mexico. Considering that the Taiwan Blue Magpie bird is blue, I immediately thought of the blue agave plant. This plant is endemic to Mexico and the plant from where Tequila comes. Placing the Taiwan Blue Magpie resting on one of the Blue Agave leaves was the perfect metaphor for the friendship shared by both design organizations and countries.

The exhibition of all posters was inaugurated as one of the lead exhibitions during the 17th International Poster Biennial in Mexico and will be in Taipei in the near future. The collection currently adorns the walls of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Mexico.

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Author: Graphis