Stefan Sagmeister’s NYC Exhibition “Now is Better”

Patrick Parrish Gallery
50 Lispenard Street
New York NY 10013
Through June 16, 2023

Stefan Sagmeister’s Latest Exhibition Offers a Glimpse into the Long-term Progress of Humanity

Renowned Austrian designer Stefan Sagmeister is back with a new exhibition, offering an exciting opportunity to explore his latest work. The exhibition, titled “Now is Better,” features original lenticular prints and adapted historical paintings that visualize long-term statistics on global development. The show will run through June 16th at the Patrick Parrish Gallery in Manhattan’s Tribeca, and it promises to be a unique experience that challenges our understanding of society’s progress.

Sagmeister’s new work is primarily inspired by the premise of long-term thinking, with each piece covering data trends on humanity over the course of 50 to 200 years. Sagmeister’s exhibition offers a grounding, data-oriented approach towards conceiving society’s progress by challenging the overwhelming, highly-saturated content we absorb about the world daily through short-term media sources on our screens. This zoomed-out perspective often points to ways that life on Earth has slowly been improving, providing hope as we continue working to make “now” better.

The exhibition is a must-see for art and design enthusiasts, offering a unique experience that showcases Sagmeister’s exceptional ability to blend various art forms into a visually compelling presentation offering an intriguing perspective on the world around us.

Stefan Sagmeister’s “Now is Better” exhibition is a unique opportunity to discover humanity’s hidden trends and explore society’s long-term progress. With a grounding, data-oriented approach, Sagmeister challenges short-term thinking and offers a new perspective on how we view our world.

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Images courtesy of Stefan Sagmeister, ©2023

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