Stefan Sagmeister Breaks into Fashion as Easy as 1-2-3

It had to happen sooner or later: Graphic design’s resident bad boy, Stefan Sagmeister, has launched a line of clothing. The tightly edited, 7-piece, seasonless collection is called Sagmeister 123, and like much of his work, it embodies more meaning than can be gleaned with just a quick glance.

The cheerful assortment, characterized by neutral solid colors adorned with poppy dots and rectangles in bright tones, has an uplifting inspiration: The statistically proven fact that globally, in many key areas such as the reduction of extreme poverty and infant mortality and the advance of women’s rights and democracy, things are getting better. An elegant and engaging video on the website explains these “beautiful numbers,” as Sagmeister calls them. 

The garments are all produced locally, sustainably, and under safe and fair work conditions in NYC, where Sagmeister’s studio is based, and as a result, they’re not inexpensive—but they’re made to last a lifetime. And at a time in history when humanity’s prospects can look fairly bleak, anything beautiful, well-made, and inspiring is something to smile about.

Author: Graphis